Genre: Folk Noir / Dark Folk
Hometown: Savannah, GA
Members: Rachael Perisho and Ryan McCardle

mumbledust is the musical endeavour of Rachael Perisho and Ryan McCardle. Drifting from the darkness of folk noir, mumbledust seems to capture the eerie sounds and delicate hauntings of the past.

The two began creating music in Savannah, Georgia while attending art and design school. They incorporate the use of banjo, banjolele, guitar, keyboard, accordion, musical saw, harmonium, toy piano, stomps and claps, voices, ambience and friends, as well as a number of found objects employed as instruments as best they can. 

mumbledust’s latest release is a collection of bedroom recordings entitled Vacations EP done between various old haunted Savannah homes in the summer of 2011. It was recorded on a poor microphone with the best of intentions and was released in September 2012. The duo also wrote and recorded “Last Night I Walked With A Zombie” for a special Halloween digi-split in 2011 with mysterious friend Blood Cousin. In the summer of the same year mumbledust made their debut in the music world on a local Savannah compilation entitled, Dirty Covers Mixtape Vol. 01, with their version of the 1980s When In Rome song “The Promise.”

Photography ©2011 Audra Osborne

mumbledust - Vacations EP

mumbledust Vacations EP 
FH-009 (4 September 2012)

1. Elvis, TN
2. Islands
3. Winter Clothes
4. Healer’s Mount / Kneeler’s Cove
5. Okara Lake
6. Places 
7. Islands (Reprise) [Hidden Track] 

Digital Release - Download

Mumbledust & Blood Cousin 
Last Night I Walked With A Zombie [Split]
FH-002 (31 October 2011) 

1. mumbledust - Last Night I Walked With A Zombie
2. Blood Cousin - Day 2 (Await)

Digital Release - Download

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